As part of an Applied Linguistics program I am studying technology in the language classroom. I do work for the world’s largest education publisher (Pearson) – creator of digital technologies for higher education courses in the U.S. I have been in this field for nearly 20 years and am just opening my eyes to the global possibilities.

My Technology in Language Education course features students from and in around the world – mostly teaching English. I am overwhelmed by the differences I am discovering about how technology is used and accepted in different parts of the world. To say I feel naive about the subject matter is a gross understatement.

To date, I have approached technology in terms of higher education in the United States. While accessibility and acceptability remain issues in the U.S., I am fascinated by the different perceptions of technology found around the world. While we all seem to be headed to the same place – better learning for students – we are clearly taking different paths.